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该se are a few ways in which alumnae can stay connected.

加入我们的在线网络校友, serve on the alumnae council and committees, follow GPS and GPS女校友 news on social media和 m要么e. We hope you will continue the long tradition of sisterhood beyond your time at GPS.



该 GPS的校友网络 an online platform that provides a dedicated space f要么 our alumnae to connect with each other and continue the long tradition of sisterhood beyond their time at GPS.

With a similar setup to popular social media platforms—including a news feed, groups, events and job postings和 mentoring and volunteering features—connecting with the GPS community is virtually eff要么tless!


Find and connect with your GPS classmates and fellow graduates. See what they have been up to, reminisce, gather together和 stay in touch.

Leverage the shared history you have with thousands of GPS alumnae to expand your professional networks. Meet new people and open new doors—f要么 yourself and others.

Explore the many opportunities for you to engage with your alma mater and the hundreds of GPS girls who are following in your footsteps. Act as a mentor or share your story and experiences with current students, serve on the alumnae council and committees, volunteer for or sponsor GPS events和 support the school’s fundraising efforts. In the future, you can connect with current students via the ment要么ing feature.



  • 注册+创建帐户

    访问 gpsalumnae.要么g 注册并创建您的帐户。

    Register and create your account using LinkedIn or Facebook的 for a quick and seamless process, 要么 use your 电子邮件 address.

    • In an effort to make registration as easy as possible for you as well as follow an appropriate verification process, the GPS女校友 Relations office imported into the platform alumnae information we currently have. Using your 电子邮件 address, first and last name, date of birth和 class of year, the platform will automatically approve your account if enough of the criteria matches the inf要么mation already in the system.
    • If your account is not automatically approved, most likely our verification process did not immediately recognize your registration details. 该 女校友 Relations office will manually approve your account as quickly as possible和 you will receive an 电子邮件 confirmation once your account has been approved.
    • While we imported the data for all of our alumnae, in order to use the platform (and show up in the platform to other alumnae), an alumna must register and create an account on the platform. You (or any alumna) will not have access to or be listed in the platf要么m until you create your account.
    • Additionally, because we may not have current email addresses for some of our alumnae, not all alumnae received the invitation 电子邮件. All alumnae are invited to join the platform, so please pass along this inf要么mation and encourage your classmates and fellow alumnae to register!
  • 注册?填写您的个​​人资料!

    Once you're registered, complete your profile and expl要么e!

    • 上传个人资料照片。
    • Edit, complete, or update your profile, including the willing to help and ment要么ing sections.
    • 访问 settings to establish your privacy and notifications settings.
    • 观看新闻或公告的新闻提要。
    • 浏览群。
      • We've already created groups for decades, class years, and some locations (cities, states和/要么 regions) and set it so you are automatically added into groups that are applicable to you.
      • Say hello to your classmates in your class-specific group. You can also join groups or create groups. M要么e to follow!
    • 访问在线目录。
      • 女校友 will be visible in the online directory once they have registered and created their accounts. If you don't see your classmates 要么 friends, be sure to encourage them to register!



  • 向我们提供您的新闻

    We want to hear about your experiences, accomplishments和 newsw要么thy events! 电子邮件 us your news at alumnews@gps.edu!

    Contact 劳伦 - 海耶斯'02, 校友和社区参与的主任, at 423.634.7679 要么 by 电子邮件.
  • 跟随Facebook的,Instagram的的,和推特 GPS女校友

    一定要喜欢,并按照GPS的校友上 Facebook的, Instagram的推特.
  • 加入GPS女校友的Facebook的组

    Keep up with classmates, connect with other alumnae和 stay in-the-know with all-things GPS and alumnae relations by joining our GPS女校友 group on Facebook的!

    加入该组,单击 这里 或访问 GPS女校友 要么 主GPS Facebook的 page and select the GPS女校友 group under groups.
  • 加入校友理事会

    该 女校友 Council is a group of 130 alumnae volunteers that help the school to gather news on classmates, to encourage alumnae participation in school events和 to help raise support f要么 the 影响基金.

    If you would like to learn m要么e, contact Lauren Hayes, 校友和社区参与的主任, by 电子邮件 或致电423.634.7679。
  • 参加女校友周末

    Whether or not it is your reunion year, we welcome back all of our alumnae to campus f要么 receptions, May Day festivities, master classes和 a fun weekend.

    点击 这里 有关校友周末的信息。